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REAP Consulting CEO Doug Leather has written the highly acclaimed book The Customer-Centric Blueprint: Building and Leading the 21st Century Organisation

“This book is a necessary read for any firm that is determined to implement customer-centricity, not just pay it lip service. It is not for the faint of heart – it pulls no punches in comprehensively laying out the effort needed to really effect customer-centric transformation.” Ian C. MacMillan – Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School

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REAP Consulting is a business advisory firm that specialises in improving business performance by focusing primarily on the strategic value of clients and customers. Through the use of leading proprietary methodologies and tools and innovative thinking, we facilitate and support value based transformation and competitive differentiation.

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Everywhere you look, business models are failing and very few companies/firms consistently deliver to promises or expectations. Companies in every sector are misaligned to the desires and the needs of clients and customers. They fear the transparency and honesty that clients and customers expect.

In order to overcome the problems our businesses face, we need new tools and processes that challenge and then change the way we think and work.

Better tools lead to better understanding of the issue or opportunity at hand. As a result of better understanding and clearer thinking teams can communicate with greater confidence and clarity amongst themselves and across the entire organisation. Better understanding and clearer thinking allows for better clarity of the future.

REAP Consulting makes use of best in class thinking, methodologies and tools. Our way of work is built and based upon the application and use of architectures, frameworks and logic that help solve many of today’s challenges.

We’re on a constant journey of exploration and invention to find and develop new thinking, new structures and architectures, new tools and techniques to advance our mission to change the way people and business think and work together.

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  • An organisation with the customer central to the design of the business itself
  • An organisation that has developed the capability to design and to deliver a unique and distinctive customer experience, consistently, for improved business performance
  • An organisation that has the capability to independently and collectively, manage, optimise and balance customer retention, customer cost-to-serve, customer acquisition and customer penetration (development) activity
  • An organisation that consistently manages and integrates customer insight to enhance cross-functional working resulting in improved customer retention, acquisition and penetration (development) activity, thereby enhancing business performance
  • An organisation that brings the customer to the forefront of all that gets done in the organisation, from budgeting, to product design, marketing, sales and servicing. It’s not about having to meet every customer need or being the cheapest. It is about ensuring that the discussion and decision is viewed through the lens of the customer, which is counteractive to the way that most smart people in most organisations have historically done things
  • An organisation that aligns the entire value chain around “the customer” and drives growth and profitability through understanding customer needs and delivering a relevant and value added proposition to core customers.