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REAP Consulting provides business performance advisory and implementation support making use of various value improvement approaches.

Two of the proprietary methodologies we use for client and customer-centricity capability development and implementation are SCHEMA® and Customer Attuned.

SCHEMA® is a framework and approach (applicable for both B2C and B2B organisations) by which your organisation develops a detailed understanding of its current capability and shapes its required future capability to deliver a form of customer-centricity that matches the strategic intention and produces sustainable incremental profit.

SCHEMA® delivers:

An objective, detailed and quantified assessment of current Customer Management capability benchmarked against market norms and best-in-class practice
A clear description of a challenging but realistic ‘target’ state for customer-centric capability in enough detail to drive alignment and to change behaviours
A prediction of the levels of profitability uplift that could be delivered by achieving the target state, modelled against your own customer value drivers
A definitive and prioritised set of focus areas for improvement activity at a level of detail to suit your own planning approach
Fair and relevant targets for capability uplift and value driver performance levels to support the allocation of responsibility and accountability for delivering the future state

Customer Attuned is a framework and approach targeted exclusively at B2B, recognising that three guiding principles – Trust, Interdependence & Equitability sit at the heart of a truly “attuned” B2B relationship.

Customer Attuned delivers:

An assessment and measurement against current best-in-class B2B standards
Benchmarked performance against an agreed peer group of B2B companies
The critical differences between Intention, Reality & Effect relating to best-in-class B2B standards and best-in-class practice
A documented improvement action plan with initial activities and people responsibilities allocated