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Everywhere you look, business models are failing and very few companies/firms consistently deliver to promises or expectations. Companies in every sector are misaligned to the desires and the needs of clients and customers. They fear the transparency and honesty that clients and customers expect.

In order to overcome the problems our businesses face, we need new tools and processes that challenge and then change the way we think and work.

Better tools lead to better understanding of the issue or opportunity at hand. As a result of better understanding and clearer thinking teams can communicate with greater confidence and clarity amongst themselves and across the entire organisation. Better understanding and clearer thinking allows for better clarity of the future.

REAP Consulting makes use of best in class thinking, methodologies and tools. Our way of work is built and based upon the application and use of architectures, frameworks and logic that help solve many of today’s challenges.

We’re on a constant journey of exploration and invention to find and develop new thinking, new structures and architectures, new tools and techniques to advance our mission to change the way people and business think and work together.

At our very core we use Structured Visual Thinking™ which is a way of work based upon co-creation, visualisation and logical structures that we apply to the important conversations in a business. This enables us to get to the root causes of our clients’ business problems which helps us remodel the business and create value from opportunity.
Our SCHEMA® Customer Management framework for B2C and B2B companies is an approach that enables your organisation to understand its current customer management capability and shape its future capability to deliver the form of customer-centricity that is right for you and which produces sustainable business performance.

SCHEMA® is highly modular with each module providing substantial value in its own right. The real power of SCHEMA®, however, is in the combined application of the modules to provide a rapid, robust, inspiring and convincing approach to building world class customer management capabilities.

The Assessor Benchmarker provides a detailed understanding and quantification of ‘current’ customer management capability, the Direction Shaper defines and quantifies the nature of customer-centricity to which the organisation ‘aspires’ to, the Value Estimator shows the ‘value uplift’ or scale of financial benefits of moving from current state to aspired state; the Action prioritiser takes inputs from these three modules, and the knowledge base, to create a prioritised activity plan.

Our Customer Attuned B2B Customer Management Assessment framework provides an in-depth snapshot of how your commercial approach measures up against good practice B2B Customer Management. We provide realistic, actionable results and benchmarks against global and industry data. Outputs from the process provide a short, medium and long term view on how to improve your B2B customer management capability, deepening your customer relationships and improving your long term profit opportunities. B2B customer relationships revolve around Trust, Interdependence and Equitability.
Our REAP Predictive Analytics focus applies rigorous statistical analysis and management expertise to sales, marketing, operations and finance to predict purchasing behaviour and future revenue from your customers at the individual level as well as guiding your business to significant, profitable growth driven by customer lifetime value. This approach has breakthrough implications including risk management and finance, inventory and product mix, fulfilment, customer service, marketing spend optimisation and improved corporate valuation.
Membership of The Customer Council (TCC) offers an exclusive peer-to-peer “learning forum” devoted to supporting the business growth of its members’ organisations. TCC is for executives with a common link through their focus on customer management strategy and the design and delivery of a competitive and profitable customer experience.
Our two Master Class ProgrammesBuilding & Leading Customer-Centric Organisations and Designing & Implementing a Customer Journey Mapping Framework both use ‘best practice’ research, case studies, reflection, discussion and practical exercises to explore the critical components required for effective implementation of the respective focus areas.
Wherever you are in the world, the challenge of optimising customer value, viz acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, developing existing customers and understanding cost to serve and where to make investments across your customer asset base, remains complex. Use us to speak at your conferences, workshops, sales events and road shows.